Mein Name ist Urban

The Urban Artfair STROKE asked me to express my view on Berlin. It was printed behind plexiglas and exhibited in October 2010 within the fair in Berlin.

Hufgetier handlang

Here you see abstracts of a horde of hoofed animals that like to enliven walls up. They travelled with me to exhibitions in Stuttgart, Munich, Ulm, Thisted (Denmark), Amsterdam and Berlin.

Hufgetiert Ohrlos

... and here some more earless.

Monur #1

... where they fit in or find out, showed in UndPlus Gallery, Berlin.

Monur #2

Wooden wall clock with a pendular of hair, showed within the exhibiton "MONUR" together with Onur Dinc, October 2010, UndPlus Gallery in Berlin.


The Photography Museum of Amsterdam, FOAM, invited me to perform (=perfoam) at a long museum night in June 2010.


Together with a group of visitors I built a construct of old photographies and narrative collages including remakes of Paul Grahams pieces that were exhibited at that time.